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A Seven-Day Plan to Cut Spending New!

A full week’s worth of easy and actionable ways to keep more of your money in your wallet each month – some of these take only minutes, but result in significant savings over time.

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Chosen by Picatinny's financial education team, these in-depth articles cover a wide range of financial topics for all members.

Money Smart Kids

Develop an understanding of what you want your children to learn about money and why it's important they do.

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There is a lot of debate over whether or not you should give a child an allowance. Learn about the different types and the pros and cons of doing so.

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Raising Money Smart Kids: Ages 6-10

When dealing with children ages 6-10, it's important to stick to the basics and make learning hands-on.

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Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

When planning for the holidays there are many tricks and resources that can help you save.

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The Psychology of Spending

Learn the how merchandisers influence consumer behavior to get you to spend more while shopping.

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Workplace Transition Introduction

An overview of topics covered in our Workplace Transition material.

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Saving for Retirement

Why save for retirement and the impact of fees on investment performance.

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Roommates and Money

Simple strategies for managing your financial relationship with roommates.

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Choosing a Make and Model

A look at four important factors to consider when choosing a car: fuel consumption, insurance rates, reliability, and depreciation.

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Understanding Mortgages

The parts of a mortgage and common mortgage loan options.

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Buying a Car

An introduction to the basics of this major purchase and responsibility.

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Credit vs. Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards each have pros and cons. When should you use each?

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Identity Theft

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Understanding ID theft and how to prevent it.

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Money Saving Ideas

Looking for ideas for ways to save money now? Almost everyone can find a way to save using at least one of these tips.

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Use the Five Ws of Homebuying

To prepare yourself for your home purchase, ask yourself some questions. Figuring out the answers will help you achieve your dream.

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